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Our key executives

Our advisors are the heart of our business.
The role of our executive team is to provide leadership and support to enable our advisors
to perform at their absolute best.

Thérèse Rein, Managing Director Ingeus Limited | Chief Executive Officer Assure Programs
Thérèse is the founder and Managing Director of the Ingeus group of companies and an Executive Director on the Ingeus Limited Board. She is a trained Psychologist, with a Bachelor of Arts and Masters Qualifying (Psych) from ANU Canberra. She was awarded the Asutralian Human Rights Medal (2010), Entrepreneur of the Year (2001), is former Director of the National Employment Services Association Board (Australia) and former President of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (Qld). In 2012, Thérèse took on the role of Chief Executive Officer of Ingeus Australia (trading as Assure Programs). 

Greg Ashmead, Managing Director Ingeus Global Operations
Greg is the Managing Director Ingeus Global Operations and an Executive Director on the Board of Ingeus Limited and its subsidiary companies. In addition to overseeing Ingeus’ international operations, Greg has direct responsibility for global finance, governance, human resource management, information services, and marketing and communication functions.


Dean James, CEO Ingeus UK
With extensive experience in both the commercial and public sectors, Dean is responsible for driving Ingeus’ strategic growth objectives as well as overseeing the continued effective performance of our existing contracts in the UK. Joining Ingeus in June 2010, Dean was formerly Chief Operating Officer for the Corporate IT Directorate of the Department for Work and Pensions, has held senior positions in business transformational outsourcing for Siemens and spent 20 years in the international oil and gas industry. Dean is a qualified barrister and was recognised for his positive contribution to the community with a CBE for public and voluntary service in 2009.

Bénédicte Guesne, CEO Ingeus SAS (France)

A graduate of CELSA (graduate school within the University of Paris Sorbonne specialising in information and communications science) with a Masters in Art History, Bénédicte has had extensive business experience in international marketing, strategic planning and studies in the mass consumption sector. Currently the Directeur France, Bénédicte is responsible for overseeing operations and pursuing the development of new business in France.

Marc Hanke, CEO Ingeus GmbH (Germany)
Responsible for managing the German operation and developing and driving business growth in Germany, Marc joined Ingeus as an advisor in Nuremberg in May 2006, quickly progressing to managing the Munich site when it opened in 2007. Soon after, his strong leadership, business skill, and commitment to the company’s vision saw him take on the role of Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Ingeus, Marc completed a degree in Social Anthropology, undertaking his field research in West Africa.

Anne Buckard, CEO Ingeus AB (Sweden)

Anne is responsible for growing and developing Ingeus’ business in Sweden and was integral in securing the company’s first contract in 2009. Prior to joining Ingeus, Anne had several leading positions in Swedish international companies. Her roles mainly focused around Business Development, Finance and HR. Most recently she held the position of the CEO of Iris Bemanning, a temping agency which supported companies in increasing their diversity by hiring or recruiting competent staff with physical disabilities.

Daniel Sieber, CEO Ingeus AG (Switzerland)
Since 1995, Daniel has worked as a director of economic development programs for the Swiss Government, international organisations and development agencies. In south-eastern Europe, Daniel ran programmes on adult education, national policy making on social partnership, unemployment and business development for private companies. Daniel joined Ingeus in October 2009. The following month, Ingeus commenced its first Swiss contract in Zurich with the Federal Office for Social Insurances. By February 2010, Ingeus won a contract in the French speaking region of Switzerland and successfully implemented, in conjunction with Ingeus France colleagues, a second site in Lausanne.

Jay Han, CEO Ingeus Korea

Jay was appointed the CEO of Ingeus Korea in June 2008. He has extensive experience in the outplacement industry, and is widely recognised for introducing outplacement services to the Korean market in his previous role as Operations Director-Asia Pacific for DBM. In former roles, Jay has been responsible for the management of quality, commercial risk and knowledge, pricing and bid management, business modeling and new product/service development, and process re-engineering and change management.

Anna Karaszewska, Chief Operating Officer Ingeus Poland

A graduate in sociology, Anna is continuing her PhD studies in the field of public and political promotion of women. She has an extensive HR background and established the first network of women entrepreneurs in Poland. Prior to joining Ingeus, Anna was the Deputy Director General and Director of Strategic Development in the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan, and was a member of the Executive Committee of BusinessEurope (European Federation of Confederation of European Industries). In 2005, Anna was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit for development of entrepreneurship in Poland.  

Kevin Browne, Director for Emerging Markets | CEO Saudi Arabia
Prior to joining Ingeus, Kevin was a Board Director at Reed in Partnership for 11 years. In this role he led the growth of the business in the UK including the establishment of Skills Business and the expansion into Australia, France and Poland. Kevin was also on the Board of Business Link Yorkshire and London Skills Brokerage.


Anton Eckersley, Director International Relations
Anton’s experience in employment services and the social affairs industry spans almost 20 years. He has held various senior roles including International Relations Manager for the UK’s public employment service; Policy Adviser, EU Employment and Labour Market Policy for the UK Department for Work and Pensions; Policy Adviser, European Council of Ministers for Employment with the Department for Education and Employment; and Second Secretary, Labour and Social Affairs for the British Embassy in Paris. Anton is responsible for driving our international growth agenda. 


Michael Morris, Global Commercial Director and Company Secretary
As Company Secretary for the Ingeus group, Michael is responsible for providing timely and accurate governance advice to Ingeus and its Board. Michael also provides advice and support on major strategic developments and carries out high-level commercial and legal negotiations on Ingeus’ behalf.


Paul Hobbs, Chief Information Officer
With qualifications in engineering, management and operational research, Paul has extensive experience in developing, implementing and managing business critical IT solutions across large and complex organisations and is accomplished at managing the concurrent demands of multiple business units. As CIO for the Ingeus group, Paul is responsible for ensuring the IT services expertly support the demands of a rapidly growing international business. Paul joined Ingeus in 2010.